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The Visual Studio inspired docking library for .NET WinForms

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About DockPanel Suite

Microsoft first introduced the docking panel layout in Visual Studio .NET (2002), and soon it became popular in application design. Many commercial .NET component vendors started to provide docking libraries initially, but there was no good free and open source alternative, until WeiFen Luo released DockPanel Suite (DPS for short) on in 2006.

After an 18 month hiatus, the project has been resurrected and is now being actively developed on GitHub.

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Latest Release

The latest stable release, DockPanel Suite 2.10.0, was released on 6 Jul 2016. Get it via direct download or NuGet.


- Issue #19: Added Visual Studio 2012 Light theme.
- Issue #112: Changed theme related interfaces.
- Issue #121: Added a close button on tab (VS2012 theme only).
- Issue #124: Fixed flickers of VS2012 Light theme.
- Issue #143: Memory leak in VS2012LighSplitterControl class.
- Issue #161: Tabs docked at the bottom close unexpectedly.
- Issue #163: Hatch marks over the pin and close button on a small window.
- Issue #172: Skin demo button broken in sample project.
- Issue #175: Handling long headings patch from @lukeer.
- Issue #183: VS2012 Theme enhancement in sample project.
- Issue #189: "Show Document Icon" doesn't work with the skin VS2012 Light theme.
- Issue #241: Multiple UI thread support is added.
- Issue #261: Addessed memory leak when a dock content is closed.
- Issue #278: Ignore invisible content panes when being dragged and accessibility improvement.
- Issue #300: Hide DockPanel.Skin in designer.
- Issue #306: Added Visual Studio 2013 Blue theme.
- Issue #315: Non default themes are now in separate assemblies/NuGet packages.
- Issue #322: Added a drag event notification.
- Issue #325: Close tabs without activating them first.
- Issue #329: Revised gradient color tab rendering.
BREAKING CHANGES Except default VS2005 theme, all other themes are published as separate NuGet packages.
- Visual Studio 2003 Theme
- Visual Studio 2012 Light Theme
- Visual Studio 2013 Blue Theme
- (Not recommended) Visual Studio 2005 Theme with multiple UI threads support

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Active Contributors

DockPanel Suite is currently maintained by @roken and @lextm.

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The documentation site contains information on how to get started with the DockPanel Suite as well as recipes for a number of common tasks.

All bug submissions, questions, and general discussion should follow the guide.